Welcome to Kimono Client Wardrobe, perfect not only for moms-to-be but also for motherhood sessions!

These bump-free kimonos are designed to accommodate your changing body during pregnancy while offering the option to show more skin for those special photo sessions.

Whether you're expecting or have already embraced motherhood, our kimono collection is a fantastic addition to your session. The open design allows for easy adjustment and provides the flexibility to showcase your beautiful bump during maternity sessions. On the other hand, if you wish to reveal more skin for motherhood photo session, these kimonos offer a stylish and elegant way to do so while providing the desired coverage and comfort.

The three distinct styles - boho, elegant, and original - ensure you can find the perfect kimono to match your preferences and the tone of your photography sessions. Embrace your journey into motherhood with confidence, style, and the flexibility to express yourself through the fabulous kimono collection.