let me tell you mine..

Before you share your story..

My name is Floriane. I am from Brussels, Belgium.
Known for his Chocolate & Beer !

After high-school, I left home and started my journey as a backpacker where I had the chance to travel during a period of 2 years. Well, it was time to study and I wasn't seeing my life in Belgium. Australia was the best place I could think of. So I came to study for two years Early Childhood Education and started working in the industry. But something was missing .. And then I found Photography, my true passion ♥︎

Now, a bit more about my Travelling Journey.

First, I came to Australia to learn English and work as a volunteer in a Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas. Then traveled around to discover all the beauties of Australia for 10 months. I guess it wasn't enough as I kept traveling and never went back home as I kept traveling and went to Bali, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, Italy and North-New Zealand.

MY BUcket list



New Zeland


Travel has always won my heart.

One day, I am hoping having the chance to travel and being able to photograph motherhood all around the world. Even if doing it nationally in Australia will be my first step. I love discover and learning different culture as much as discovering different landscape which I will be able to play with. And of course, capturing genuine connection and memories that people can cherish forever the same way I do.