But first, what is a sitter Session?

Sitter refers to babies who have reached the age of ‘’sitting’’.

It usually occurs between 6 and 10 months, however it might vary from baby to baby based on their physical milestones. 

The ideal moment is when they are able to sit firmly without assistance but have not yet begun to walk. 

So I would recommend to book your session for within a month when starting to sit confidently without your help.

Why is Sitter one of my favourite ♥︎

We’ll see more of your baby’s personality

(((Babies of this age are usually quite comfortable to interact with strangers too – they haven’t yet become shy around people they don’t know. And this means they’re happy to engage with the photographer who can capture lots of wonderful expressions – from big gummy smiles to long, serious stares.)))

Once babies are fully mobile they want to explore

When newborns are fully mobile, they like to explore and assert their individuality. They might not like being in front of the camera since they want to wander about and investigate. When your baby is comfortable sitting but not fully mobile – you will be able to capture a lot of personality and variation in the images without your baby feeling frustrated.

Newborn Vs Sitter 

If you're familiar with my work, you'll know how much I LOVE newborn sessions. But I understand that not everyone can obtain those first few weeks for various reasons. Time slips away, or too tired after labour. The next best moment to capture your baby is when he or she is able to sitter. And for those who have done a newborn session by this age, they are vastly different. Not only are they gorgeous and full of cuteness, but I think this is a terrific age to capture the beginnings of their personality. Sitters have it all, from large cheeky smiles to chubby legs and arms to more serious looks.