A Motherhood Session in the studio is all about honouring the journey of motherhood. It’s more than just a photo; it's a tangible memory that your child will cherish as they grow. 

As moms, we're often the ones behind the camera, so these sessions are a chance to step into the spotlight with our little ones. From the tender moments of breastfeeding to the proud first steps and everything in between, it's about capturing the incredible stages of their growth. 

Every milestone, every hug, every playful moment is worth documenting. It’s a visual narrative of your child's development and the love you share. It's a celebration of you and your little star shining together.

Each session is tailored based on the information gathered from a questionnaire completed at the time of booking your session. This helps me understand you and your child better and grasp your vision for the session, which makes each session unique.

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