Have fun!


First and foremost, getting your photos should be fun! I know it can be stressful to figure out what to wear, or figure out the best location for your family, but I can take that stress out for you. I can share with you the best locations and I have a stunning client wardrobe at your disposal. Remember that clothing and amazing locations aren't the most important part, what matters most is that you and your family has fun and connects with each other during the session. 

This family had two young children, that at times were interested in the camera and other times didn't really care that much. It's important that I keep your family close together while you keep your children engaged in ways that are entertaining and unique to their personalities. Playing with them, carrying them, tickling them, cuddling and nuzzling them are all great examples of ways to physically connect and entertain them in a way that feels natural and looks natural on camera . Some times the magic is in their self expression like allowing your little one to play with leaves or talk about something they love. This allows me to capture the genuine family moments. 

Family Session Northern Beaches

I'm there to document that for you!

Follow your child's lead


Once we have captured the classic images, you know the ones for the grandparents with everyone looking at the camera, we can relax a little bit. My favourite images are always the one where we allow the children to naturally explore and get into something he or she wants to do. When we let the child lead the way, they will naturally be motivated to interact and play, and this helps to bring out natural expression from the child as well.

This little one would stick with us for a few shots and then wanted to explore nature. He wanted to collect leaves big and small, and he wanted to look at the little bugs crawling on the stones. It was totally fine. Let's have fun and allow me to document your child's interest at this age. Let's let them lead the way. Sometimes if your child doesn't really show interest or maybe there is something that you know he or she will like, we can plan an activity.

Family Photo Photography Session

Father and son investigating

Engage your child in an activity


While I was photographing mummy and her bump for a little while when I glanced over and saw this little one exploring the rocks in the water. Dad was already there supervising. You are encouraged to stay close to the little one and just be with them and I will photograph them. You can see how engaged they were in this activity. We didn't really know this ahead of time or before the session that the child would be interested in the rock pools but the activity naturally unfolded. I love the way they are together and enjoying what they are doing.

Family Photo Session Northern Beaches

I can't wait to meet your family and take unique images that help to tell your family’s story.