Session Intro

I have a lot of fun getting to know people and photographing them. My main goal is to transfer that ambiance to my clients ~ so you and your loved ones can walk away loving your experience.

People typically book a photographer once a year, whether it’s the in the spring, summer, holidays, or to celebrate a new additional member to the family.

Getting to know my clients is essential, learning everyone’s names and about what you and the children like or dislike. It is also important to learn know how the children behave in the front of the camera.

Some children really love the camera and others might be shy. It is always helpful to know this information ahead of time so I am able to build a plan to best capture the most authentic and beautiful moments.

What to expect

When I arrive at your place after greeting all of you, I will have a look around your house for the areas with the best lightning and colours. I mainly capture lifestyle images of newborns in the nursery, bedroom, and living room, but it's more about finding the rooms with the best colour and lightning.

Your little one will also determine mostly the flow of the session. As I am sure you know as well, they don’t sleep all the time and can be hungry or upset. It’s totally fine.

I will be looking for real moments of connection and emotions! I want you to have a family time, be together, love each other, look at each other, tease each other, play all together. This session is about YOU not me and my camera! I am invisible. I will be there to find the best light and change the setting and guide you when needed but mostly encourage things to happen naturally.

This is why I love Lifestyle Photography. It’s PURE AND RAW MOMENTS. I want you to take a moment to think about your family. What are the things that you want to remember? What do your little ones love to do most when they are with you? What are their personality traits that you treasure the most? Or the one that drive you crazy most of the time, but you know you still kind of want to remember. these are all things that I want to capture during our session together.