Motherhood Model Call

** all the clothes mama & children + ACCESSORIES are from my client wardrobe **

Hi ladies, thank you for trusting me in creating beautiful images !

I found this way easier to communicate all the information about the model call with you all :)

We are 12 mama ! So much more than plan but so challenging to say no.

So let's have Fun !

The studio should be done by the 1st of August. I would do a few model call in the first week of August and the second week of September.

Why ? I will be away in Europe between the 15th of August to the 8th of September :)

What is this Model Call about

Raw.Genuine.Pure MOMENT

During the session take your time bonding and connecting with your little ones. I will be your shadow capturing all those special interactions.

Cuddle your son/daughter with so much affection/tenderness, kisses. Tingle them. Have fun.

The less I have to guide you the more the images will be genuine.

This model call will also help me to be more familiar with my new space.

It's super chill. You can talk to me normally. It's about meeting new people and for you to be relax and have fun.

PS: does any one is scare or allergic to cat ? I have 3 beautiful furry babies which will be greating you when entering my home.

But of course they aren't allowed in the studio.

Information / Conditions


30/60 minutes



(65 Nandi Avenue, 2086 Frenchs Forest)


15 free images in high quality digital


child feeling comfortable in the front of the camera


hair - make up

Your hair and make up will have to be done on your end professionally or if you know how to do it yourself, it's perfect too.

For the Make up, I would recommend sorting neutral as it suits best my style of editing.

social media

The images will be use for my social media, platforms.

A contract will be signed prior to the model call.

If you could also share the images on your social media and promote my business, I would be very grateful. This will help me to extend myself into the area.

 It can be tagging me on the images, writing your experience on the bio of your image. Anything helpful.


I will be providing the clothings for you and your little one.

If you would like to have an idea of what I have, here is the LINK


Mama dressed - kimono - nude

If you need example, DM me on my insta and I am happy to show you example for the nude - kimono part

showing skin

There is no obligation for this one, it's on a creative purpose. Is to have you in kimono and your child naked as a raw moment of motherhood. But as I said no obligation as I know some mama doesn't want their children naked on social media.


I recommend taking snacks and water with your for your little ones if they need a break.

To warm them up and have looking forward to the Model Call, tell them it's a special day where mama and them will spend time together. For little girls, where they can dress up with their mama.

If you would like to bring his favourite teddy or book. A favourite song you would like to dance to ?

Maybe create something special with flowers. I will let you knows of my ideas.

We will pick the dates when the studio is almost finished, I will be contacting you :)


  • denim jeans open, open shirt with this bra
  • playing with flowers
  • nude breastfeeding
  • kimono (semi-nude) and breastfeeding
  • two pieces outfits
  • special dresses
  • tutu
  • christmas
  • reading a book
  • dancing
  • bring his favourite teddy


It's optional for the mama that is keen to be creative with me :)

Maybe seeing images of ideas will be easier :)

if you are still happy to create some magic with the information / conditions from the above