Something I cherish

Children's book has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of all the tenderness of my childhood. My mum would read EACH night a book or a chapter of a book to me before bed. As I am from overseas and have a brother and sister. Sharing the books are a little bit hard. So I decided to create my own little library which will grow with the years.

If we have met already, you know I LOVE children and I can't wait to have my own !

A advice each mum gives me, is to buy slowly already !

It will save you to buy all in once and to have nothing left in your wallet.

Well I am !! And I wanted to share with you my loves of books and what I have found.

Because I am very PICKY ! From the story to the images.

The cheapest I found for the moment to purchase is FNAC FRANCE.