Follow your child's lead


Once we have captured the classic images, you know the one for the grandparents with everyone looking at the camera, we can relax a little bit. 

My favourite images are always the one where we allow the children to be natural and all of you just to connect with each other. 

Baby is THE BOSS

Yep I said it! This is the one time when they get to decide what happens. Part of the session is following the baby’s lead. Do they need to eat? No problem, we can get images of siblings feeding them a bottle or mother breast feeding. Do they want to lay in the crib? OK, let's get some solo images. Needs to be held? Let's pick up that little one and get some cuddles in. We may have a plan but it's important to be flexible.. and do not apologise if you feel like the children are not cooperative! I will embrace the chaos and will capture that split second image you didn't see happening. 

Children will be children and there is no need to feel embarrassed when things do not go smoothly. Most of my session are like that. And it does not bother me AT ALL.

At the end of the day I still get beautiful images for you to cherish.

Have fun & Connect!


First and foremost, getting your photos should be FUN ! I know it can be stressful to figure out what to wear, or figure out how to prepare your home, but I can take that stress out for you and share ideas/advice and I have a client wardrobe at your disposal.

However clothing isn’t what is most important, what matters is that you and your family have fun and connect with each other during the session!

The session is a moment for your family to bond and not to worry about where the lens is ! Let the sibling cuddle and kiss their new brother/sister. It is a precious genuine moment that should be captured naturally instead of posed.

PLAY : Anticipate twirls, jumps, foot races, games and more. Another way to capture a genuine moment is to do something more than expected, like playing games during the session.

Enjoy your family time.



Props bring the details alive & tells a story.

Is there a doll that you have from childhood and gave to your little one? Is there a theme in the nursery? Props in photos can add a lot to the story of your session. Grab that guitar your husband plays and let's find a way to add them to a photo.

I also have swaddle, blanket, fur and buckets available in the Client Wardrobe.