You time

For the rest of your life, it's going to be all about your new little one, take this time to pamper yourself. Get your nails and feet done. Go to the hairdresser if you like or get your Make-up done.

This session is all about you and your little one to be.

It is important to feel comfortable but remember this is the time to show off that miraculous belly! Maybe wear a summer hat! Special earnings or necklace that you love, whatever will make you feel as elegant as you will look.

details maternity session

Be sentimental

You and your child to be are one for only a little more time. Don't be afraid to steal a moment to yourself during the session.

Hold your baby by hugging your stomach and close your eyes to saviour the moment. Sometime is the moment between the smiles that mean the most. Be goofy and trust your photographer to capture the genuinely beautiful moments.

creative maternity session

Kimono & Water

After choosing which kimono you would like to wear during the session. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Underwear white / black is always a good pick. Normal and lace are always the best.

Something I love to do during the session, is going into the water so don't forget to take a towel to dry you out at the end.

During the session, near the end, if the water isn't too cold for we will get beautiful images in it. So bring a towel with you and changing / warm clothes to wear after it.



Perfection : Throw this out the window NOW!!! There is no such thing as the perfect picture or subject of a picture. You are already perfect the way you are, and I will capture exactly that. If you're having fun during the session your “real” smile will make you all feel complete.

Pay attention : Tt is very important to trust and listen to me. Keep in mind, I am not the only person in the session, pay attention to yourself and others you are with. The best picture is not when everyone is looking at the camera but at each other instead!

maternity northern beaches
maternity photoshoot in the water
maternity photo session in the water