Capturing a special time

Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a person's life, and a Maternity Session provides an opportunity to capture this time in a beautiful and meaningful way. These images can serve as a special reminder of this special time and the strength and beauty of the pregnant body.

Embracing body changes

Pregnancy can bring about significant changes to the body, and it's important for expecting mothers to embrace and celebrate these changes. A Maternity Session can help to highlight the beauty of pregnancy and empower women to feel confident and proud of their bodies during this time.

Celebrating your bond with your unborn child

A Maternity Session can also be a way to celebrate the bond between a mother and her unborn child. These images can serve as a special memento of this special time and the love and connection between a mother and her child.

Creating memories

Pregnancy and childbirth are significant life events that can be a blur in the moment. A Maternity Session allows expecting mothers to freeze a moment in time and look back on it in the future. These images can serve as a special reminder of the pregnancy journey and the love and excitement surrounding the arrival of a new child.


Having images/prints is a way for you to preserve your memories and share them with future generations. Children grow up quickly, and it can be easy to forget the small details and special moments that make each stage of their lives so unique or yours into motherhood. Having images/prints allows you or you and your families to revisit these moments and relive the joy, love, and laughter that you all experienced.

Also, preserving memories by having images/prints can also be a great source of comfort and inspiration for children as they grow up. Children often look to their parents as role models, and seeing the love and happiness captured in images/prints can help them to feel confident and valued.

I personally believe that, it's also a way for families to tell their story and share their experiences with others. They can help to create a visual history of a family's journey, and provide a way for children to connect with their heritage and understand their place in the world. I have myself had that experience as my mother kept a big box of images from her own time, my father's time and ours her children. It is like traveling through time.