that's absolutely fine and you are more than welcome to do so

I've put together a set of tips covering various aspects. These suggestions will guide you in finding the ideal ensemble for your session. Feel free to explore these tips to ensure you achieve the perfect outfit that resonates with both your personal style and the overall tone of the session. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or DM me on Instagram. 

Pick a Palette

Start by picking a palette of 3-4 colours. Let this be your starting point. When putting together your palette, think in terms of colour tones: earth tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Consider tones that you like. Everyone in the family can express their own sense of style within the chosen colour palette, and the whole group will coordinate beautifully.


For dads, it's important that their clothing complements your outfit and doesn't draw attention away from you or your baby bump. For instance, if you opt for an ivory gown, he could go for subtle earth tones. I often suggest beige pants or shorts, depending on the weather. Linen fabric is also a wonderful option, given its timeless elegance. Going shirtless can also be a great option. If the weather permits and it aligns with your style, that's perfectly fine.The goal is for both of you to harmonise visually while keeping things comfortable and weather-appropriate.


To keep the emphasis on the family connection, it's best to dress siblings in neutral tones, like what dad is wearing. It's important to stick to muted and neutral colours so that your children's faces are the main focus of the images, rather than their clothing. If you would like to pick your own clothes for the session, avoid bright colours that may be distracting and take away from the natural beauty of your children's expressions.


You're encouraged to incorporate accessories to enhance your look further. Consider adding playful sunglasses, hats, cozy blankets, charming toys, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and stylish hats to your ensemble. These elements can add a personal touch and elevate the overall aesthetics of your photos. Additionally, I have a range of flower crowns and hats available in the client wardrobe, offering an enchanting option to accentuate your look and create a truly captivating visual effect.



Layering is a fantastic way to bring depth and variety to your outfits. We can capture both the base outfit and the layered look, offering a range of shots. In colder seasons like fall and winter, layering adds a stunning touch to portraits. Imagine a sweater over a flannel with a vest, accented by a statement necklace or scarf – these layers create dimension and offer playful posing options. Don't think layers are limited to chilly days; even in warmer months like spring and summer, you can add depth with a tank top paired with a sheer cardigan or a denim vest over a dress. Layers also bring dynamism to poses – think utilising jacket pockets or twirling in a long cardigan. Finding inspiration on Pinterest boards is a valuable resource, so make the most of it!

Fit your style to your location

When preparing your outfit for the session, it's important to consider the location where your session will take place. Whether you're by the beach with its soothing neutral tones or nestled under the shade of a tree, your outfit should harmonise with the surroundings. Opt for a colour palette that complements the environment rather than distracts from it. Choose clothing pieces in shades that blend seamlessly with the backdrop, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Also, take into account the practicality of your chosen attire. If your session is at the beach, think about outfits that can handle the possibility of getting wet or sandy. Similarly, if swimsuits are on your mind, make sure they align with the theme and conditions of the location. Your outfit should not only reflect your personal style but also harmonise beautifully with the natural beauty around you.

Be comfortable

Avoid including any clothes that doesn't make you feel confident or at ease. Our session involves a range of activities, so comfort is key. We'll be sitting, lying down, walking, holding your child, and maybe even tossing them in the air. Wearing comfy clothes ensures we can make the most of these moments without any discomfort!

textured clothes

Choosing an outfit with texture is a wonderful way to bring dimension while ensuring the clothes don't dominate the images. Lace offers a captivating choice that photographs beautifully and radiates femininity. Alternatively, knitted fabrics provide another excellent avenue to incorporate texture into the photos. Whichever you decide, textured clothing will enhance the allure and visual charm of your photos, making them even more engaging and captivating.